Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Posting updates

I just uploaded some photos and thought I'd share with you my kitchen adventures.

Like the time I tried to make vegan hostess cupcakes, but without confectioner's sugar so all the icing was kind of thick and crumbly and wouldn't make thin lines for swirls. Plus I used muffin cups without liners so they were short (my naive attempt at saving paper...). I have lots of so-called icing leftover from that recipe, too, not sure what to do with it other than eat it straight :)

So this is how they came out:

Sorta sad, but tasty.

I also knitted up a pair of tiny newborn baby booties which took probably about an hour and my mom and I worked on the bunting from Yarn Girls and my mom-in-law and I worked on a hat. Lots of craftiness!

Now, on to being more straightforward. Sent more things off - a cutting board set and some books.

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