Monday, July 21, 2008


I found this great link on Treehugger that is inspiring: Garimpo+Fuxique. They make repurposed things from old fabric and seemingly kitschy stuff. But it's so vibrant and colorful! Plus they're going carbon-neutral. I'm inspired to (eventually, someday) create a vivid, cozy home full of simple pleasures.

And speaking of purpose, I am also trying to keep calm and meditate. I highly recommend the book The Wooden Bowl. It's very inspiring and makes you relaxed about meditating without the stress of "Omigosh I have to meditate now."

Of course, I've learned that meditation itself is not always easy, or even interesting, but I think the book helps me keep perspective.

Are crazy crafting and modest meditation compatible? I think, in a way, the complex can be simple and the simple infinitely complex. Isn't there something beautiful about that?

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