Friday, July 18, 2008

When it rains...

it pours.

I'm in last-minute panic mode (due in 11 days) and this is what's going on in my head:

- I still have a couple of baby things I want to buy. Why? Not sure. Are they absolutely necessary? Maybe. Maybe not. Somehow I need to have them. It's not logical. I accept that.

- I want to bake all these funny things, like bread, and use my ice cream maker, and make cookies.

- I have a stack each of kids' and adult books I want to read. The kids' books will get read one way or another (pre or post), but the adult ones? Hmm.

- Nesting instinct is in full swing - shouldn't I buy this (I'm supposedly still compacting, right?) and rearrange that? What about the bed this room needs and the things I should wash (what happened to saving water?)?


- The bathroom is still unusable
- Dear spouse is ill and recovering
- I just can't stick to a schedule, no matter how hard I try.

On the bright side:

- I'm packed to go
- I'm giving away reused materials to make cards with (little card kits - my concession to craft)
- My giveaway box is growing!
- I have a suitcase full of (maybe, if they fit again) post-baby clothes to rediscover later, when I'm sick of the same old things
- Someone came and took my saved up scraps of giftwrap and tissue and gift boxes
- I made some basil-parsley pesto and froze it for later

And oh yeah, there's still work and daily life :) Supermoms (really, isn't that every mom?), please advise. Until then, I'll be re-reading Buddha Mom (more about that in a future post, I'm sure).

PS - if you want a card kit, do let me know and I can mail it out to you. I forgot to mention I do need to make a trip to the PO.

PPS - Eco-tip: Al Gore may get a lot of flack for various reasons, but he is right on track to demand we go 100% to renewable energy in ten years. Let's make our politicians listen.

PPPS - I've started linking books through Better World. They fund literacy when you buy books through them, and they actually take your old books, too.


Tanya Brown said...

I think it's safe to say that you're in full nesting mode, a sign that your body knows that your little one will soon be here. I got a laugh from this, actually. About four years ago, give or take a couple of months, I became obsessed with stencilling flowers on the walls of our future nursery. Never mind the fact that the baby wouldn't be able to see them and probably couldn't care less! Somehow, getting flowers on the walls became important to the exclusion of almost everything else. I spent a great deal of time obsessing over what type, which colors of paint to use, and how I could strategically use Michael's coupons in order to save $2 or so on the project. I fantasized about how my baby would be enchanted with them, and imagined him crawling around on the floor and cooing at them.

You can probably guess the end of this story: he could have cared less about the flowers. He barely ever noticed them. Tomorrow, since we're rearranging his room a bit, I'm going to need to paint over some of them. It's bittersweet.

Wishing you and your child a safe and peaceful delivery -

rani said...

Ha that's an instructive and very sweet story. Somehow I think my nesting mind is going to have to learn these lessons the hard way. Oh well. Thank you!

kate5kiwis said...

oh i loved nesting!
the house got so clean and i felt so wonderful about being able to spend extra minutes with my baby, rather than cleaning!!!
wishing you a fabulous "birth day" X