Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fast Runner

I recently saw an Inuit movie called "The Fast Runner." Lovely movie - documentary-like, but fictional. It's amazing to me that people can actually live so in touch with nature - I wonder if there are many people living without any touch with modern "civilization" (as we know it) in other parts of the world. I can only think of the Bushmen of Africa.

Anyway, that inspired some random scribblings, below. Those D's are actually sideways igloo-like shapes. Ok, not really. Atanarjuat is the name of the hero.

Eco-tip: Have too many postcards lying around from various trips? Rather than giving them to people who might never use them, use them as one-sided notecards or greeting cards. You'll save postage and transportation, and the pretty image won't go to waste. If you receive one, you can post it onto an old sheet of paper to make another!

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