Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Climate for Change

What kind of self-proclaimed environmentalist would I be if I didn't bring attention to Al Gore's new Climate plan (link here). It's realistic, though it fails to address one major step we can take: personal action, personal reduction of consumption and participation in markets we don't like.

I particularly like this article titled the Idols of Environmentalism. Bottom line: there is no difference between the economy and the environment - they are part of the same thing, and environmentalists and human activity need to learn to co-exist as part of one ecosystem on this planet.

Eco-tip: Go around and lock your windows - you'll prevent that many more air leaks that bring cold air in this winter.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby mobile

Made from some paper from the recycling basket:


DH is at home and on a special diet, so I spend time in the morning cooking while he watches my boy.

I got these white daikon from the farmer's market. Surprise - they're pink inside - pretty huh?

Here's a south indian meal made with that (clockwise from top):

- daikon sambar
- thippili (long pepper) rasam
- yam, greens, and green pepper curry
- eggplant rasavangy