Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Climate for Change

What kind of self-proclaimed environmentalist would I be if I didn't bring attention to Al Gore's new Climate plan (link here). It's realistic, though it fails to address one major step we can take: personal action, personal reduction of consumption and participation in markets we don't like.

I particularly like this article titled the Idols of Environmentalism. Bottom line: there is no difference between the economy and the environment - they are part of the same thing, and environmentalists and human activity need to learn to co-exist as part of one ecosystem on this planet.

Eco-tip: Go around and lock your windows - you'll prevent that many more air leaks that bring cold air in this winter.


Anonymous said...

"Leave the windows closed" is not an option because of the stale air circulating and the ensuing respiratory problems - it should be about moderation really!

rani said...

yes - i left out "at night"