Monday, March 09, 2009

List list baby list

I'm back again, with some inspired action. I was trying to do Real Simple's 31 Ideas for 31 Days (back in January - link is lost in their site upgrade but you can see the list here), but I found that many of the items are not applicable to me or just not things I want to do.

So here is a somewhat baby-centric list instead. I'm planning to do these in April (March is booked up already haha). Things any mom/dad might do anyway, but just a reminder. Each thing should take no more than 15 min, unless you want to or amazingly have the time:

1. Write a future letter to your child
2. Speed clean a floor, picking up toys and dumping them into a box or crate
3. Clean out old junk from the diaper bag and refresh
4. Take a few spontaneous photos of your little one. Try to get a close up with you in it by turning the camera around.
5. Set aside clothes baby has grown out of, or give them away.
6. Try one new food with your baby.
7. Donate to a charity that helps underprivileged children.
8. Send your mom/guardian or someone special flowers to thank them for raising you or helping you through tough times.
9. Place spit up cloths or wipes in each room for quick cleanups.
10. Schedule a day off for yourself.
11. Program 5 essential numbers into your cellphone: pediatrician, poison control, ob/gyn, takeout/delivery place (when you have no time to cook!), etc.
12. Pick up some new music you wouldn't usually listen to and dance with your baby.
13. Clean the high chair. Get into the nooks and crannies and find all the loose cereal crumbs.
14. Stash some baby snacks in your purse and diaper bag. While you're at it, add a snack for yourself too.
15. Make a list of books you want to read with your baby. Check them out at the library or buy them used.
16. Clean out all those half-used jars of baby food and other expired foods from the fridge.
17. Plan out how you want to do your little one's birthday this (or next) year. Simple or all out? Indoors or out? Home or away? Magician, clown?
18. Organize baby's food bowls and bottles. If you can, give baby a shelf of his/her own.
19. Make a short wishlist of fun stuff to do together this year with baby. Visit a zoo or take a vacation or join a new class.
20. Pare down baby's toys - give the extras to a shelter.
21. Change out old pictures to more recent ones.
22. Read some poetry with your little one.
23. Gather and boil all the pacifiers.
24. Flip through all the baby cards you received and put them in a box safely.
25. Change out the toys in the diaper bag, stroller, or car.
26. Fill a water bottle and stash in your purse so you stay hydrated.
27. Walk around the house with your baby and look at the pictures.
28. Cut up some fruit, puree, and freeze for baby food.
29. Make a small travel kit of toy, bottle of water, snack, pacifier and wipe and keep it by the door for quick trips out with baby.
30. List 15 places you'd like to visit in 15 years. Plan for the different ages of baby when you go (Disneyland when she's 5, Hawaii when he's 10?).
31. Lie down and nap with your baby.

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