Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Green party

I just read this article on the disappearance of the third person, so I'm going to try to revive it. (Defashionista is moi) I hope this doesn't prove the point.

Defashionista's ds is turning a whopping 1 year old next month (I know, already!). She is trying hard to throw a party that is green, but is a) cheap, b) trying not to buy unnecessary things, c) eager to be crafty, and d) perhaps overdoing it. She has invited almost everyone she knows within a 50 mile radius, sent out the invitation by Evite, ordered a gigantic vegan cake, reserved reuseable dishes and cutlery to borrow, obtained the permit for the location, made over 60 party hats from old newspapers, and made two paper garlands from the leftovers.

Still to come: a happy birthday banner, more hanging paper decorations, setting aside some old balloons for use, ordering food for dinner afterward, and of course, eventually, shopping and cooking and prepping food for the big day.

The goody bags she is planning to make will be cloth bags, containing recycled toys (tops from bottle caps), fair trade chocolate, secondhand books, and allergen-free cupcakes baked in baby food jars.

The activities will consist of blowing bubbles, using biodegradable sponge water "balloons," playing music as a group, and having a solar oven demonstration.

Oh, and she will dream up more and more. With all the attention to being environmentally conscious, she has perhaps not considered energy conservation - her own!