Saturday, May 22, 2010

Going Green

I have been trying to immerse myself in things that are more ecofriendly these days, on a beautiful trip to San Diego:

- I finally watched No Impact Man (the dcoumentary) from the library. I follow the blog but the movie was refreshing and enlightening.

- I have been watching the garden grow with glee. Vegetables are actually ripening, and my son loves plucking the leaves of green straight and munching on them. Thank goodness they're organic and fertilizer-free (compost)!

- I had the pleasure of attending a lovely meeting of Activist San Diego. complete with a colorful vegetarian/vegan spread of a dinner, great conversation, and a showing of the movie "The World According To Monsanto" (watch it at the link!) which is truly the stuff of my nightmares. Followed by more lovely and somewhat angry discussion.

- After so many recommendations, I'm finally reading Three Cups of Tea - I'm often quite emotional, but I can tell this is bound to be a particularly strong tear-jerker. 70 pages in, I'm already considering all the conservation he does and in awe of his dedication. I hope it will also be inspiring enough to move me to action.

All in all, very nice to spend some time thinking about these topics and trying to live them at the same time, while sharing them with gorgeous people (like you!).