Thursday, March 24, 2011

JOT #7: fruit trees

I've written about vegetable gardens, but nothing comes close to picking fruit right off the tree and eating it. I'm lucky to have a apple tree right in the backyard, which sends forth a volley of apples every fall (the first year, I didn't know what to do with all those apples and was giving them out like candy. Then I learned. More on that another time...). I also have a beautiful red plum tree that sends showers of small, tart plums into the neighbors' yard each summer.

I'm also lucky to have good neighbors with fruit trees of their own. The ones on the right have a prolific orange tree that has so many navels over the fall and winter and early spring that are tart and sweet and juicy that we marvel every year, then knock on their door for the ones we can't reach from our side (they never mind, and don't seem to eat many oranges). On the other side, a short but steady lemon tree I know is there to ask for a lemon when I so desperately need one.

Since then, we've been slowly planting fruit trees and bushes - a pomegranate here, a blueberry there, a mandarin in between, and nurturing them, fawning over them. We have yet to see any fruit, but we're optimistic!

If you don't have the space for your own fruit tree, try picking some off someone else's at a farm. We tried Buckley Cherries with great results (the last few are still tempting me in the freezer):

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Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten about all the fruits! What I'd do for some lemons readily available... you may have inspired me =)