Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just one thing

I'm taking some new turns, and one of them is to try to be more local and together and do one thing at a time. It's a tough task. However, along those lines, I'm aiming to do Just One Thing (JOT, for short) and I hope this will be the first of many, in lieu of eco-tips, and you can actually read about what I do, if you're at all inclined.

In searching for things local, I am starting with household staples. As a vegetarian family that eats a ton of (South) Indian food, we depend on rice. It's our go-to staple, and our rice cooker is like a member of the family. After years of having eating fragrant white Jasmine rice from Thailand, and various varieties of aged Indian rice, we tried brown rice from somewhere. Having tackled that switch, we knew we eventually had to go local. But how to find something that cooks up soft and small, but neither overly mushy nor tough, as suited to the South Asian palate?

The solution: Lundberg Farms. At 188 miles from my home, it's on the far edge of local, but they are in the business of making rice, and they sell a variety of organic and eco-farmed varieties (the principles of which were championed and founded by Masanobu Fukuoka of One Straw Revolution fame). We have tried their brown basmati (slow to cook and a little tough, but nutty and flavorful), short-grain brown (a little faster, can occasionally get mushy, but softer than the basmati), and are about to try the white jasmine (I'm excited to try the flavor).

While I'd love rice that's grown even closer, I'm happy with this. I order it in the large 25lb bags (that lasts us about 6 months), and even with shipping, it's a price that's better than the store.

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