Thursday, May 05, 2011

JOT #17: go local, wherever you are

I do travel. In some future world where gasoline costs $100 a gallon and we get most of what we need locally, we won't travel nearly as much, but while I do, I like to get local goods wherever I go.

In India, I buy black nilgiri tea. In London, I bought earl grey. In Egypt, chamomile.

Sure, I buy other things. In India, it was sandalwood powder and homemade sweets and organic dals. Now here in San Diego, it's fresh guavas and mangoes and agave from nearby Mexico.

Many of these things I would never or only rarely buy at home, but travel is a chance to indulge in new and exciting local goods. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and take back a bit of Rome with you!

What do you bring back from your travels?


Anonymous said...

Aside from the art that the parents like to bring home, we always wind up with extra local currency =) Happy Mother's Day!

rani said...

haha. You can send extra foreign currency to UNICEF: