Monday, January 02, 2012

JOT #18: do your own mending

I'm not enough of a seamstress to really sew all my own clothes. I have, in fact, made a few decent things I can wear, but I lack both the patience or the skills to make pants and collared shirts and things with zippers.

So, speaking of zippers, today in the wash, the zipper fell of a beloved hoodie, and I can't stand a zipperless jacket. I might have done what I have done in the past, which is to just sew a straight seam up behind the zipper and turn the thing into a stylish sweatshirt, but I like my open jacket, darnit! So, when DH fished the errant zipper from the machine, I had to try putting it back on. There was a spot where the hooks had opened up, and I was able to use two sets of pliers to open up the zipper case (the main body of the zipper) just enough to slip it on, then press it back into place. It took me about 10 minutes (most of it just for lack of strength). Zip, zip, zip!

I like to do small mending jobs - a little patch on ripped knees, sewing up tiny holes where the shoulder separates from the shirt, sewing buttons back on (or moving them when the midsection stretches!), putting in darts on blouses when they fit like a man's, hemming up jeans for flats. Mending gives you the satisfaction of making something wearable without the difficulty of really making the thing. You save something from the toss pile, and you get more mileage out of your clothes and accessories!

If you're not inclined to sew, find a friend or neighbor who does, and trade a skill you have (eg: I would gladly trade a baked good for fixing a zipper!). You can also find a good tailor or alteration person in your neighborhood (check the dry cleaner). If you want to sew, start with something simple, like buttons, and work on stitches. The good thing about mending is that it's often a small job you can do quickly. I like to put the mending that needs doing in a basket and get to just one thing when I have the time.

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Anonymous said...

baked good for zipper. I'm on board!