Wednesday, January 11, 2012

JOT #21: A better shower

As I've mentioned in previous eco-tips, saving water is something I try to do. It varies, but I try to save it in the shower. Fresh water is getting scarce. Here are a few ideas that may help you save water in your bath and use less of this precious resource.

- get a simple shower timer. i have one that is an hourglass set to 5 minutes. when i need to take a longer one, i flip it over
- while the water's warming up, save the water in a bucket. you can use that clean, cool water on your plants or lawn or garden or toilet
- keep a bucket under your feet while the shower's running. this water can be used to flush.
- switch to a lower-flow shower head. going to 2.5 gallons per minute will still give you a strong shower, but you'll be only using 12 gallons per shower. go lower and save even more.
- take navy showers: turn off the water while you soap up or shave.
- opt for a shower over a bath, or if you must take a bath, make it shallow. if you use a biodegradable soap, you can use the water on your lawn or, better, in the toilet.
- take bucket baths - fill a bucket halfway with hot water and then add cold to the temperature you like. use that to bathe.
- shower every other day if you can. you can wipe down with a warm, wet, soapy rag on other days to stay clean.
- use an eco-friendly soap bar or bath gel with poof that's not harmful to animals and which doesn't make your water unsafe to use elsewhere

Here's to a happy shower!

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