Monday, January 16, 2012

JOT #25: A drop to drink

I've never been one to drink plain water. I need an herbal tea, a cocoa, a spiced cider, a spritz of juice, or in dire circumstance, a slice of lemon. But drinking water is in our blood. Literally, we are seventy percent water. We want it clean, we want it pure, we want it nontoxic.

So begins the eternal debate over tap or bottled. We drink tap, but nearly always boiled (then cooled if needed) in a kettle first. Some drink bottled, but the eco-friendly drink filtered (tap or otherwise, preferably in a reusable container). Turn the faucet down low to cut down on waste. If you like it cold, keep a pitcher in the fridge rather than running the water.

There's also the issue of cooking water. Turns out, it is far more efficient to heat water in a kettle than in the microwave or on the stove, whether you are boiling water for tea or pasta! (more info: Boil only what you need, or transfer your scalding water to a thermos to retain heat longer and have hot water all day.

You can also use steam to cut down on water use - steam veggies over your rice, for example, or steam them over your boiling pasta. Save water from boiled vegetables, pasta, or lentils for soups and curries, to make sauce, or as a stock. It'll also be great for watering plants.

Now if only I could develop a taste for plain old water.

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