Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seven things

I'm suddenly re-invigorated to get rid of things. Not just seven. Here are a few categories of things I've tossed:

  1. clothes, particularly ones that I hoped I could repair or make fit but really wasn't going to wear even if I did.
  2. toys - the ones my son doesn't really care about anyway
  3. books - kiddie ones that are outgrown, grown up ones i was kidding myself with
  4. jewelry box - this was a wedding gift so hard to part with, but i'd rather a friend use it than have it gather dust.
  5. fabrics - ones that will likely never see the inside of my sewing machine
  6. mismatched bangles
  7. project materials - ones i would ordinarily save indefinitely (read: old cereal boxes)

What are yours?

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