Friday, February 10, 2012

Embroidery cards

I saw somewhere (I think here, which I love!) a set of embroidery cards - little cards with hand-drawn designs onto which you can wind your embroidery floss or extra bits of thread. My new favorite gift to get/give for the crafty among us! They even have a little slit in the corner to tuck the end in so it doesn't get lost.

How to make: fold a 2 x 3" piece of paper in half and round the corners, then cut curved pies out of the two corners to make the u-shaped parts for the thread. Unfold and use as your template on cardstock (or better, recycled parts of cards - I used old scrapbook paper). Draw your designs along the edges. Cut a short slit (1/2 inch at most) in one corner of each card.

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