Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Illustration Friday: suspense

This is to illustrate "Suspense," this week's word for Illustration Friday. The word made me immediately think of a Buddhist story.

In the story, a monk falls off a cliff (in one version he is chased off the cliff by a tiger) and falls, about to be dashed on the rocks below, only to catch a branch that is sticking out of the rock. Unfortunately, a rat is gnawing off the branch. The monk sees a beautiful strawberry growing in the side of the rock, and plucks it and eats it.

It's a story about really enjoying the moment, wherever you are, and however dire the circumstances.

In my sketch, I drew some fruit on the tree instead (it's only fair to offer him more than one opportunity to eat what could be his last meal!). He is at bliss.

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