Wednesday, February 01, 2012

JOT #32: Re-cycle

I'm back to using the bicycle after a holiday hiatus. I'm taking the Little One to preschool regularly now, and life has changed.

In a bike, you can't be listening to music or snacking on breakfast, making a last-minute phone call. If you want to talk to each other, you have to yell and can't have a real conversation. For all these reasons, it may be unappealing to some. But for me, it's a different kind of easy.

We ride along, mostly in silence, swaying with the road. When there's a bump, I know the trailer will feel it too. We see the same trees and the road. We are watching and humming to ourselves and taking in the neighborhood. We are both day-dreaming and feeling the wind on our faces.

A jolt from a bump in the road. "Sorry!" I yell back behind me. "The road is bumpy," he starts to complain, but the rest of his complaints are drowned out by the breeze. Instead we both watch the leaves scutter by, the dog on the sidewalk, the workers remodeling a house. We turn the corner to home.

The rest of the day will be a flurry of activity, but for ten minutes, we communed in silence.

(If you haven't dusted off your bike, now's the time!)

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Janice said...

Love this!