Tuesday, February 07, 2012

JOT #33: Share the bounty

A group of lovely people I know had the brilliant idea of sharing produce from their gardens! Now they organize a monthly share of produce in our area: people bring in their fruits, vegetables, seedlings, seeds, garden tools, books, even preserves and anything else garden-related (or sometimes not!) for all to share. Each person takes what they need so that everything has a home at the end!

If you don't have a garden share near you, you can start one, or share in other ways. Sometimes when we have extra apples we leave them by the sidewalk for passers-by to take for munching, or give them to neighbors. Occasionally neighbors and friends will share their spices and extra dry goods in exchange for our fresh lettuce, or something else, or just to be friendly.

Sometimes there is a basket of extra fruit at Little One's school for the taking, or holiday gifts made of garden herbs. A friend might bring backyard flowers as a housewarming bouquet, or serve an herbal tea with freshly-picked mint.

We give each other these little gifts and exchanges as tokens of our friendship, and as ways to come together. However small our gardens, I wish that we might all share the bounty.

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