Sunday, February 19, 2012

Seven things

I'm in decluttering mode again, really rethinking things in terms of a "use it or lose it" mode. It's been helpful to look at what another person may use and what really has just been taking up space.

  1. various boxes and containers - I was saving these up for a project but they are going to Little One's school for a play store, what a great idea!
  2. recipes - I have a folder full of clipped recipes. These are the ones I'll never make. I hope they make someone else's stomach happy.
  3. kid clothes - outgrown ones, to Little One's younger cousin
  4. flower hair clip - as a gift to a little girl who promptly put it on herself and looked adorable in it
  5. a bag of things my sister left
  6. more old calendars
  7. a stack of kids' activity papers

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