Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sprouted bread

I have loved the sprouted bread that is sold in the refrigerated section at the store - it's rich and dense, like European bread,  almost always vegan, and tastes fresh and crunchy.

So I thought I'd make my own, following this recipe. Simple enough. I had some wheat berries from Full Belly Farm, soaked them and sprouted them until they were delightful little wheat sprouts (pretty tasty on their own). I ground it into some sort of paste with some added water, shaped it into a sticky, messy loaf, and baked it.

The results were not sufficient even to call a JOT. This was a disaster. It looked great outside, but there were still whole pieces of wheat, and the inside was still sticky and gooey. It was crunchy and gooey and chewy all at once - not bread.

In the future, I may need a real grinder, not my supposedly-powerful blender. Surprisingly, Little One liked the taste at first - quite surprisingly sweet despite not adding any yeast or sweetener! I will put this on hold as a future project when I have the right tools. Has anyone else tried this? Any tips?

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