Saturday, March 03, 2012

Seven things

I rediscovered the toolbox after a while, hanging out in the garage. (In the meantime, I made a little tool set for Little One out of a little non-sharp screwdriver, an allen wrench and a plain tiny wrench, some wooden pegs, measuring tape, a tiny non-sharp saw, and some locks) The box also got a good reorganizing.

  1. random nails and screws and bolts, mostly bent ones
  2. 2 whole boxes of new screws we will never use
  3. various household parts for who knows what, like pieces of metal
  4. 2 tubes of spackle (I kept another one)
  5. magnetic tape - someone will love this
  6. an extra CD and case - for some old demo
  7. also some tiny toys Little One has outgrown

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