Monday, March 05, 2012

Seven things

Another pass at sentimental stuff - I've found a useful decluttering strategy. I look at things from a  long-term perspective: do I really want to put the energy into keeping this around for the next 40 years? Will I remember this person or event then, and is it an important? Do I plan to use this in the next year?

  1. paper and other little mementos from childhood - don't remember the events, or they're not important
  2. old ID cards and other cards
  3. photos of people i don't remember (from school etc)
  4. a couple of letters - also from people I don't remember!
  5. hand-drawn labels - made these to give away
  6. metal paper fastener (for two-hole punch) - from some of those papers
  7. todo lists i no longer plan to do - how freeing (next up: have to get rid of the digital versions of these! ack!)

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