Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Seven things

Purging paper. I plainly cannot possibly perceive the population of poplars and pines that populate our pad.

  1. lots of scrapbook stickers and kits - even more. I finally realized I will never scrapbook.
  2. three scrapbook albums - see above
  3. some of my old artwork - too old, some in danger of being mistaken for Little One's
  4. lots of Little One's old artwork - as touching as they are, I can only keep so many. (sigh)
  5. some of Little One's baby mementos - oh, let's not talk about them anymore.
  6. crayon stubs - from the days when I imagined remaking other little crayons. That job will go to another creative person.
  7. stack of Indian bumper stickers - 3 different designs, sent back to India

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