Friday, March 23, 2012

Seven things

I feel that some of my uncluttering is slowing down as I find real openness in a few spaces around my home now. They are full, but not as unmanageable. A few spots remain: the clothes closet, which is full again, and the bookshelf, which never seems to have enough space for all the books (though I don't buy any!). Those will have to be revisited.

In the meantime, I'm clearing out the things I have set aside to be given away but which haven't actually yet gone to their intended recipients. It's nice to have a clear space when they are gone.

  1. old CDs
  2. piece of petrified wood
  3. various pinecones etc that found their way inside (Little One will bring in more...)
  4. 2 bowls
  5. 2 enamel cooking pans
  6. colander
  7. case for sari blouses

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