Saturday, March 03, 2012

Seven things

Cleaning out the file cabinet and the space above the stove (seldom visited):

  1. two basketfuls of file cabinet shredded papers - phew!
  2. old checkbooks and unused registers and sleeves and boxes - for a bank account I'm closing (fyi: break up with your bank LINK)
  3. an out-of-style unraveling cardigan - from my mom. I loved it a while, but time to be free. (this was in the closet)
  4. an unused organizer - I have had this forever, used to use it for birthdays and intended it to be for recipes, but I have a system I like better (I separate recipes I've done from those I have to try). Plus my recipes don't fit, so though I am sad to part with it, it must go.
  5. a splatter guard - great when popping mustard seeds, but it's torn
  6. jars of garden herbal flowers - I will never use them, let's let someone else (from the pantry)
  7. kids' airplane - don't know why this was above the stove! off to a worthy child.

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