Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seven things

A stab at the appliance section, which I was dreading, turned up the following. I've also started attacking the disarray of photo albums lodged in the bottom of my bookshelf. My strategy? Throw out photos that are blurry, too dark, or which don't actually have people in them (with a few rare exceptions like one shot of our plum tree in bloom). I handed a few photos (animals, chocolate factory, trains) to Little One for his own personal album.
  1. food processor - may be a temporary loan to my mom
  2. juicer (back to mom)
  3. red sleeveless top - the moths got to it
  4. broken goggles (prescription)
  5. toddler jacket - the sleeves go to the elbows. so soon!
  6. several binders - once photo albums, now free to discover their destiny
  7. lots of photos

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