Sunday, April 01, 2012

Seven things

Sometimes things really do feel like a weight on your shoulders. For example, whenever I see my yearbooks, I feel heavy. Yearbooks are heavy, and they are full of some childhood memories I don't want to relive, and people I don't remember, and they make me feel bogged down in the past. I pull these out, heft their weight in my hands, set them free to be set loose, to fly, to defy gravity.

Here, a few things that were weighing me down:

  1. 3 yearbooks
  2. pair of broken glasses - they looked great, but were not very light and were hanging out as my backup-backup
  3. stretched-out ponytail hairbands
  4. an eyeliner that's itchy and makes my eyes look droopy
  5. expired colored contacts I would wear someday
  6. 2 old magazines saved so that I could remember...something
  7. several small gift bags - I always save too many of these

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