Friday, April 20, 2012

Seven things

Sometimes things are tucked away - for example, I found an entire box of negatives I'd put away in the garage just to "not be seen," but in fact I ought to have them in front of me so I can either use them or chuck them (right now they're just sitting there next to the photo albums). But the duplicate photos I'd stashed in there are gone. A few other garage items:

  1. 5 more books
  2. more duplicate photos
  3. more scrapbooking stuff (a small stack)
  4. drying stand
  5. wrappers for chips and candy (sent to Terracycle)
  6. small rice cooker - just not enough, now that we are actually 3 (not just 2 1/2!)
  7. 2 more cassette drawers

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