Friday, April 20, 2012

Seven things

Then there are those items you think you need and will definitely use, but never do. Case in point: a dustbuster. With a toddler, you'd think I'd use it frequently. DH cannot get it to work for the car, so only I've used it, about twice, and maybe once more to scoop up some Cheerios (just because I felt I had to USE it). So I discovered the hard way that we're fine with the dustpan and brush, and we can run an extension cord of the vacuum cleaner when the car needs a cleaning. Ahh....

  1. dustbuster
  2. 2 CDs
  3. stereo system - 14 years old, most of it doesn't work (tape players, volume knob)
  4. more tupperware
  5. a glass vase
  6. various glass jars
  7. non-CFL bulbs
  8. a duffel bag

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