Monday, May 21, 2012

Seven things

A little of this, a little of that, set free into the world:

  1. pair of earrings
  2. 2 orchid plants - at a garden share
  3. bangles and bracelets - craft exchange
  4. 5 toddler clothes - to a rummage sale for charity
  5. a top
  6. tank top
  7. knit hat

Friday, May 18, 2012

Seven things

Sometimes the little things count.

  1. 2 spools thread tape
  2. garden fabric staples
  3. roll of blue piping - not sure what for!
  4. preschool-related papers
  5. torn underwear
  6. sink mat
  7. craft papers

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mouse cupcakes

I made these (eggless) mouse cupcakes as an auction gift for a French brunch. They were inspired by these, and didn't come out perfect, but I still think they are adorably cute. And if I do say so myself, likely the cutest cupcakes I've ever made.

Seven things

Why just seven? Because it's more than one but easier than 10. It's about 1 a day if you do it weekly, and leaves you room for feeling good when you get rid of more than that many items.

  1. set of 2 lacrosse-style rackets
  2. coloring books
  3. a book
  4. old drawers used to hold books
  5. a kurta top
  6. 5 saris
  7. bathroom hardware

Friday, May 11, 2012

Seven things

Must we throw away only to buy more? No, let's confront our need to have stuff to fill the chatter of our minds, and face the deafening silence.

  1. yellow throw
  2. 2 nightgowns
  3. skirt
  4. foam letter blocks
  5. batter up toy
  6. glass table top
  7. word flash cards and CD

Seven things

How do you want the condition of things in your home? I decided that if I don't love them, need them, or they aren't something I would buy anymore, they're going:

  1. googly eyes
  2. utensils that are part plastic
  3. cloth pieces - unusable
  4. more toys
  5. tiny pieces of toys/parts
  6. 4 bras in poor condition
  7. dusty throw pillow

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Seven things

A good, hard, look at what is in decent condition, and what values we want to project in what we use and wear and have, turned up:

  1. car zip (wave ride) toy
  2. 3 other unused toys
  3. toddler clothes (with commercial images on them)
  4. old house papers
  5. old underwear
  6. commercial kiddie books
  7. a religious lamp and incense

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Seven things

Does keeping these things make me happy or uncomfortable? (the latter)

  1. old, rusty, or broken garden and household tools
  2. unused cabinet hardware (left by the people who lived here before)
  3. fabric
  4. paper party banners and decor
  5. doilies
  6. more trains/cars/accessories
  7. 7 children's books