Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Kindness from strangers

After reading a bit from "The Power of Good: True stories of kindness from total strangers," I reflected on the past few days, and turned up the following:

- While on a trip to San Francisco by train, at least 3 strangers helped me carry my big duffel bag into and out of the train and station
- Several people offered advice on which bus to take and directions
- An old lady offered my son gum (I refused with apologies, he doesn't yet know not to swallow!) and others chatted with him amiably
- I've had lots of doors held for me
- People have been patient while I rooted for change or answered a call (or child) during a conversation
- Others smiled unasked and said thank you!

I'm not so sure of what I've done for others, but I'm aiming to pass it on.

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