Monday, August 06, 2012

Handmade Mochi

After a friend of my mom made us delicious varieties of mochi and other Japanese treats this summer, I couldn't resist trying my own. We bought some Calrose Shirakiku rice (local but not organic) at the Japanese market and gave it a shot as follows:

  • Powder rice coarsely in blender.
  • Soak 1hr in water.
  • Put rice on muslin inside mesh strainer. Place the whole thing in the pressure cooker and steam 45 minutes (I think we did less).
  • Transfer the rice to a bowl and mash with a pestle or wooden masher (that's what I used) until smushy and one big congealed mass. I got tired and Little One was getting ready for bed, so this was very lumpy. In the future I will mash better, or break out the electricity!
  • Make 2-inch balls out of the rice mash, rolling in rice flour and patting flat.
  • Store covered with a wet cloth until ready. I put mine in the fridge because it's so humid these days.
  • When ready to use, toast on a pan or in the toaster oven until crispy outside.

These could be filled, but we had them topped with soy protein powder (okay, okara powder) mixed with sugar and sesame powder and some just with soy sauce. You could also boil them for a softer mochi.

From Serious eats recipe here. Decidedly nubbly.

An Indian recipe uses soaked and then powdered rice, which is then cooked by stirring over heat to make a very soft dough much like mochi. Next time I may try that method, since I still have a bagful of mochi rice. (The rice also makes a pretty good sushi rice! Delicious with strips of salted kombu...mmm...)

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