Saturday, September 01, 2012

Power's out!

The power going out is a great way to focus on what's essential and important. Last week, the power went out in the morning. After the initial "what will I do without the internet!" panic, I realized several things, with a start:

- I had to conserve cell phone and laptop power
- My landline phone needs to be plugged in to work
- The clock I rely on, the microwave, was off. I had to read an analog clock that...also runs on batteries.
- I couldn't find my emergency radio at first. And I had no AA batteries for it.
- Lots of things wouldn't work: the alarm clock, the tv, the electric kettle, the rice cooker, the toaster, the ceiling and floor fans, the bathroom fan, the chargers, and even the spark on the gas stove.
- It's no use having lots of food in the house if you can't cook it.
- I have a fridge and freezer full of food that might go bad very soon.
- I don't have a car to use during the day

- I was very grateful for having a gas stove to cook lunch, and a lighter (though I realized I was out of matches)
- I was grateful for having a solar oven to cook rice, or other things if needed.
- I was glad I had the utilities phone number in a file somewhere
- I was glad I'd stocked up on bulk foods just in case.
- I was glad I had an emergency radio, and a candle, a flashlight with working batteries, and a cell phone
- and I was super happy and relieved when the power came back on at noon

Things I'll be doing now:
- get some matches
- figure out how to get water out of my water heater
- put the utility phone numbers in my cell phone and write them down
- find an old-fashioned phone
- buy some extra AA batteries
- get a solar or crank phone charger
- stock up with an emergency kit

What will you do?

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Emily said...

I know this is an old post, but I had a hand-crank phone charger and beware! It needed to be wound so fast to create a charge that I got a blister trying to charge my phone enough to make a call. You might be better off with a solar power one.

Your Diwali feast (more recent post) sounds delicious!