Friday, June 17, 2016

Meditation in bed

We are in India - hot and jetlagged. I awake and it's only 4am, kids turn over next to me in our one shared bed, awakening and asleep.

I consider just waking up, but I know it will stir the household, plus my body needs rest. My mind is awake. So I start to breathe. Just a few deep breaths lying down. My back hurts, so I raise my knees.

My breath deepens, then flows to a rhythm that's familiar. I feel my soft belly, the one that once housed life, rise and fall. I drift to memories of their birth, then return, breathing.

My body grows languorous. It grounds into the bed, a feeling of sinking. I breathe and return.

My mind stills. I breathe.

My little one stirs beside me, "Amma," she calls.

Yes, I breathe. I am here.

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