Friday, July 08, 2016

Minding the laundry

Drying clothes on the line is meditative, too. Take each item, wring out if necessary, flick to straighten, hang, clip.

Each piece placed, considering the sun, the organization of the clothes by size and type, pairing socks, and I am focused on this task, not daydreaming. I feel the sunlight on my skin, see the view, hear the sounds of the city,  smell the nearby flowers, taste the breeze.

The laundry, too, smells lovely, feels cool and damp. On the sunniest days, I watch the first nearly dry by the time the last are hung. I take a deep breath and exhale, then turn to survey the clothes.

I'll be back later to rotate, move some in if it drizzles, collect the dry ones and fold. By for now, this is complete as it is.

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