Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mindful anger

I got angry. My daughter was tired and cranky, and we were both hungry. We got home and found the driveway blocked, both yards covered with leaves and a big mess back there, along with the fact that the tree trimmers were not supposed to arrive yet.

I yelled. I railed at the world. Halfway through, I caught myself - here, this is anger. I'm really angry. I'm feeling it. This is me angry - a tightness in my chest, shoulders hunched, neck tight, brow furrowed, breath forced. Breathe - this is definitely less big a deal than the weight I give it now, but I'm not ready. I am enjoying my anger, this feeling of indignation, of "how could they?!"

Then I get perspective. Someone says, you know, those are nice guys, just talk to them. Someone says, don't yell at me. My daughter looks on in awe, wondering what is next. I sigh, I drift back down to earth. It's ok. It will be okay. It was okay. Here, now, we can get through this.

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